Platform: Android
Size: 16.25 MB
Version: (253)
Updated: 24/05/2019 13:37



What's New

Versions Note:

- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Support] Support home redirect to chat
- [Support] Support profile edit in web view
- [Support] Support push notification redirect to article page
- [Update] Update app resources

- [Update] Update app resources
- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Update] Update app resources
- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Update] Minor target update

- [Support] Support Biometric ID for automatic login
- [Update] Enhance app performance

- [Update] Update app resources
- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Refine] Refine edit user property
- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Refine] Modify image watermark pattern
- [Refine] Refine message time display pattern

- [Change] Change blast banner dimension to ratio 2 to 1
- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Support] Support feature - Payment Balance

- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Fix] Minor bugs fix

- [Support] Support Android 8.0
- [Support] Support ELEMENT message
- [Support] Support to display system message
- [Add] Add update group member role function
- [Fix] Change comId from password type to normal

- [Change] Change runtime permission display content

- [Fix] Fix search result "unknown" issue

- [Fix] Fix blast recall issue
- [Fix] Fix connection status bar sometimes not dismissed

- [Fix] Fix container recall message unread not cleared

- [Refine] Refine fingerprint authentication flow
- [Change] Change sleep time for AudioTrack from 40 ms to 20 ms

- [Add] Support text input cache in conversation
- [Add] Support message recall in conversation
- [Fix] Fix avatar cache issue in Conversation

- [Fix] Fix connection reconnect no error displayed

- [Fix] Fix Biometric ID Authentication issues
- [Add] Support LED light notification

- [Fix] Fix 2-Step Verification crash issue

- [Add] Support Biometric ID Authentication

- [Fix] Fix can't play video in video editor or by other APP
- [Fix] Fix conversation crash issue
- [Fix] Fix view image crash in blast message
- [Refine] Refine video editor layout

- [Fix] Fix blast attachment or option disappears on scroll
- [Fix] Fix can't search Chinese (Android OS 5.0 or above)

- [Fix] Fix avatar display incorrect in Conversation

- [Fix] Fix showing "Refresh Workflow" in options menu when no action workflow is displayed

- [Fix] Fix version compatible issue

- [Fix] Fix version compatible issue

- [Add] Support payment module
- [Fix] Fix attachment cannot be opened in Blast Widget
- [Fix] Fix image sending crash issue
- [Fix] Fix mention add to group function using "group creator" instead of "group admin"
- [Fix] Fix reply message is missing in @mention

- [Fix] Fix video/image message thumbnail not showing properly when no preview dimension

- [Fix] Fix links use https://
- [Fix] Disable webview save password

- [Fix] Fix will hide all modules layout when workflow is not enabled

- [Fix] Fix 2-Factor authentication will show default API error message when resume from background
- [Fix] Fix 2-Factor authentication will show incorrect view flipper view when resume from background

- [Fix] Fix cannot open file on some devices
- [Fix] Fix some contact cannot be shared
- [Change] Refine workflow display
- [Change] Refine group admin logic
- [Add] Add "copy" item on conversation toolbar
- [Add] Support new HAB params "isRedirect"
- [Change] Remove all HAB SSO params on url, add safeguard on copying and sharing url

- [Add] Support 2-Factor Authentication
- [Add] Support Teamwork SSO
- [Fix] Fix reply message redundant data issue

- [Enhance] Migrate to AndroidStudio3.0

- [Fix] Fix incorrect message state in message info page

- [Add] Add remove group admin
- [Enhance] Optimize reply and link preview panel cancel button touch area

- [Add] Add support signup button
- [Add] Add support comID field on login page
- [Add] Add support internal comID

-[Add] Support orientation change on image preview
-[Enhance] Voice message resume its progress upon earpiece-speaker mode changes
-[Fix] Fix incorrect "new messages" notice when retrieve cloud voice messages

-[Fix] Fix link preview panel display if cancel button is clicked

-[Add] Support in-app open PDF

Version (208)
- [Add] Support multiple group admin

Version (207)
Version (206)
- [Fix] Fix internal web pages not opening new pages on Android 4.1-4.3 devices

Version (205)
- [Add] Add refresh image function
- [Update] Show title on internal web pages

Version (204)
- [Add] Add support for privacy policy section
- [Fix] Fix Blast and Location message library not loading all items issue
- [Add] Support form buttons

Version (203)
- [Fix] Fix messages cannot be displayed when starting a new conversation
- [Fix] Fix sometimes slow loading on Recents/Profile/Conversation Pages
- [Fix] Fix full blast title cannot be shown
- [Enhance] Enhance application security

Version (202)
- [Fix] Fix duplicate items issue on message library
- [Fix] Fix duplicate messages issue on conversation when enter application from notification

Version (201)
- [Fix] Fix cannot open files and camera issue
- [Add] Support video download

Version (200)
- [Fix] Fix Home page cannot resume session issue
- [Add] Add storage management feature
- [Change] Update application storage structure
- [Change] Add vibration hint for recording voice

Version (199)
- [Fix] Fix auto-login sometimes not working when GCM is disabled

Version 3.7.8 (198)
- [Fix] Fix market link not supporting in Webview
- [Change] Optimize use of Toasts with Snackbars
- [Change] Replace Firebase with Crashlytics

Version 3.7.7 (197)
- [Change] Add Firebase Crash Reporting support
- [Change] Update EXIFInterface to support library

Version 3.7.6 (176)
- [Fix] Fix no permission for accessing Recents conversation issue

Version 3.7.5 (175)
- [Fix] Fix permissions for access on profile and conversation

Version 3.7.4 (174)
- [Add] Support reply message function
- [Add] Support in-app PDF viewer
- [Fix] Optimize apk size

Version 3.7.3 (173)
- [Fix] Fix fail opening file issues on Android N

Version 3.7.2 (172)
- [Fix] Fix conversation page crash with text message link preview issue

Version 3.7.1 (171)
- [Fix] Fix recall messages not working

Version 3.7.0 (170)
- [Add] Support search function in Message Library page
- [Fix] Fix navigation bug when resuming the application
- [Fix] Fix text selection crash on text message bubble
- [Enhance] Optimize Conversation page performance
- [Enhance] Optimize Recents presentation

Version 3.6.3 (183)
- [Fix] Refine contact list mentionable in conversation
- [Fix] Refine only group admin can add contacts to group in mention

Version 3.6.2 (182)
- [Fix] Fix blast messages' notification display empty title
- [Fix] Fix permission handling on adding group members

Version 3.6.1 (181)
- [Add] Add "Mention" Feature

Version 3.6.0 (180)
- [Add] Add support for Android N notifications
- [Fix] Fix app not adapting correct language (Traditional Chinese) in Android N
- [Fix] Fix OrgTool (Organization Tool) layout issue
- [Fix] Fix content not loading in message library view

Version 3.5.6 (176)
- [Fix] Fix Organization Info page layout display issue
- [Fix] Fix showing "unknown" user on Recents' conversations
- [Fix] Fix some photos not showing in "Home" widget
- [Enhance] "Home" widget support fullscreen html5 video

Version 3.5.5 (175)
- [Fix] Fix Blast reload issue

Version 3.5.4 (174)
- [Fix] Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5.3 (173)
- [Fix] Fix invalid preview state when sending video

Version 3.5.2 (172)
- [Fix] Fix Blast attachment cannot be opened issue

Version 3.5.1 (171)
- [Fix] Minor fixes

Version 3.5.0 (170)
- [Refine] Refine HAB Web GET/POST params implementation
- [Refine] Refine workflow list on Recents
- [Fix] Fix provisioning handling on "eventTypes" in GCM
- [Fix] Fix SqlCipher Native library violation with Android N
- [Fix] Fix create group crash issue

Version 3.4.5 (165)
- [Add] Support Workflow module
- [Refine] Refine HAB to support "internal/external" type web page
- [Refine] Refine HAB to add SSO for all "internal" type web page

Version 3.4.4 (164)
- [Enhance] Optimize file downloading presentation
- [Enhance] Optimize group detail user interface
- [Fix] Add auto-capitalization for input text field in conversation

Version 3.4.3 (163)
- [Add] Support Blast2

Version 3.4.2 (162)
- [Fix] Fix camera permission crash issue on Android M
- [Fix] Enhance crop image experience

Version 3.4.1 (161)
- [Fix] Fix showing invalid "Home" page

Version 3.4.0 (160)
- [Add] Migration on user data
- [Fix] Text LinkPreview not work in Production build

Version 3.3.1 (151)
- [Add] Support link preview for text message
- [Add] Support send document
- [Add] Support share file to Teamwork
- [Add] Support scan qr code for event in Teamwork Home
- [Fix] Fix some file types cannot be open in Teamwork
- [Fix] Fix update crash problem

Version 3.2.0 (150)
- [Add] Enhance search experience
- [Add] Support new password policy
- [Add] Add Disclaimer
- [Add] Add login tips
- [Fix] Profile image from Android distorted in IOS/Web Console
- [Fix] Add handling on "Session Expired." issue
- [Fix] Fix SqlCipher crash issue on 64-bits devices

Version 3.1.16 (140)
- [Add] Add floating action menu on Recents page for recents chats and calls
- [Enhance] Refine Share Contact page

Version 3.1.15 (139)
- [Refine] Refine leave group function (prior to user in group or not, then if groupCreator or officialGroup)
- [Fix] Fix profile information not showing with protected fields
- [Fix] Fix remove old Teamwork data fail in 6.0 devices
- [Fix] Sync blast message bubble button text from "Read More" to "View" (sync with iOS)

Version 3.1.14 (138)
- [Add] Support leave group function for non-official group

Version 3.1.13 (137)
- [Fix] Fix conversation displaying messages in wrong sequence
- [Fix] Fix conversation displaying messages content as [message type not support]
- [Fix] Fix cannot not login due to permission request bug prior to Android 4.1 devices
- [Enhance] Add date separation on start of conversation, and when real-time receiving new messages

Version 3.1.12 (136)
- [Fix] Fix permission request bug on ICS devices
- [Refine] Refine auto-login logic

Version 3.1.11 (135)
- [Fix] Fix RecyclerView crash with notifyDataRangeChanged()

Version 3.1.10 (134)
- [Add] Add support for new custom field type ANNIVERSARY/DATE
- [Fix] Fix toolbar color sometimes not reset to default color
- [Fix] Fix some app icons sometimes appear with wrong color
- [Fix] Fix HAB not working on ICS/JelleyBean devices
- [Fix] Fix date header not appears at the start of conversation in conversation view

Version 3.1.9 (133)
- [Fix] Fix back button not working after pressing menu button on some pages
- [Fix] Fix crash when fail to load image in image preview page
- [Fix] Fix cannot update profile issue
- [Fix] Fix watermark from display name to username
- [Fix] Fix push notification showing "NULL" as sender for blast messages when text preview setting is turn off
- [Change] Add back to "Recents" page from conversation page when enter app from push notification

Version 3.1.8 (132)
- [Fix] Fix user can still edit profile display name for "Exclude Profile Pic"
- [Fix] Fix push notification still vibrate when notification vibrate setting is turn off
- [Change] Remove unread message red dot

Version 3.1.7 (131)
- [Fix] Fix crash on loading location tab in message library page
- [Fix] Fix fail sending on multimedia file with large file size
- [Fix] Fix Recents showing empty when receiving voice message
- [Fix] Fix deleting blast can not delete corresponding attachment file

Version 3.1.6 (130)
- [Fix] Fix app will not remove session/logout when user changed password
- [Fix] Fix consecutively pressing voice record button will lead to empty voice message in conversation page
- [Fix] Fix pushing notification (<5.0 devices) hiding active keyboard, crop current screen to half black issues
- [Change] File push notification will redirect to main app page and open corresponding file
- [Change] Hide all non-editable/protected custom fields
- [Change] Optimize video compression logic
- [Change] Optimize in-conversation audio control



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win 32 bit

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linux 64 bit

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